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FINAL ASSIGNMENT Research Methodology

You are asked to make an analysis based on the “Mini Thesis” (Skripsi). Your analysis will be compiled as the final task of Research Methodology course. See the procedures and outlines below as your guidance of your analysis. Captain of the class’ responsibilities or the chosen students from the class to compile Cover Table of … Continue reading

Research paper guidance

Making a good paper research for university student does not take time but it is actually taking a lot of time. Agreement should be made and so does with a deal so that Collaboration, hard work and effort would go easily on the way you do the research paper.   Then, lecturer as the guidance … Continue reading

Desk arrangement exercise

When your classroom setup is in harmony with your teaching style, your students, and the space and furniture you have to work with, the benefits can be endless. But, when it’s not, it can be detrimental. What you are going to analyze is the desk arrangement of a class that you’ll see below. I am … Continue reading

5 Hal sederhana menjadi guru professional dan dikenang

Mengapa menjadi guru?   Apa yang di cari seorang guru? Kesejahteraan dalam hidup atau mencari kehidupan dalam mengajar ataukah mensejahterahkan diri dalam pengabdian? Pernah suatu saat ketika dalam percakapan bersama teman sejawat ketika di bangku kuliah memperdebatkan “jika memang ingin mencari materi, ya jangan menjadi guru. Gaji nya pasti kecil.”  Gaji guru tidak seberapa dan … Continue reading

After words, we always had fun on break fasting day with the greatest team☺😊💪#ReadyForTheNewAcademicYear – with May View on Path

Having a great discussion and good simulation as a teacher for the teacher training students. #microteachingnightclassUmt – at UMT – Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang View on Path

Reading Stations in the Foreign Language Classroom

Originally posted on World Language Classroom :
Students need to engage with a text to truly understand the themes, concepts, vocabulary and structures.  Reading comprehension questions don’t provide much engagement with text.  Here are some ideas for creating reading stations for your foreign language students.  These are activities that require students to engage with the text…

4 Prinsip agar menjadi guru KeKinian.

Apakah kita Guru MasaLalu atau MasaKini! Yakin kita sudah menjadi guru kekinian?Apakah kita sama dengan guru terdahulu kita? Mungkin dari kita masih sangat ingat ketika harus menyebutkan berbagai macam karakter guru kita ketika jaman masih sekolah. Dimulai dari guru yang sangat baik sampai dengan guru yang sangat kejam. Masih ingat ketika kita melakukan pelanggaran disekolah … Continue reading

Learning Needs a Context

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
This is a follow up to a post I wrote, How Do We Learn? How Should We Learn?  The purpose of these posts is to encourage educators to examine practices they take for granted, implement without deep reflection of their efficacy. This post discusses the instructional practice of asking students…

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