Who says that teaching is complicated?

Teaching has to be done by a perfect plan and well preparation. Your teaching’s performance can actually succeed if it helps the students’ need. There are a few steps that can easily help you as a
teacher to engage and motivate the student into learning;

– Student’s interest is teacher’s strategy
Like a war, teaching needs to prepare anything. Like in war, to know the enemy. In teaching, the teacher needs to observe and get to know the students’ interest. Their interest would bridge the lesson and learning into something fun and joy

– Creative teaching
Teaching has to be fun and joy. To create 21st learning century, the teacher has to understand that learning does not stop at the evaluation, but it ends when the students can invent something and to be creative with. This will drive the students into 21 learning century.

– No violence
To accomodate the student’s behaviour and avoid teacher’s action action according to that problem, applying the student learning style is urgently needed. Teaching seems something that is complicated, but if you go deeper into it you won’t say it is difficult to figure it out.

– Building a good communication among: school management, children and parent.
The better education covers those three elements above as the result of effective learning. Having the same vision and mission for creating better education for child should start with the agreement between those elements. When the parents agrees with the school vision and mission, there will be easier for the teachers to communicate to the parents from the students performance.

Having the same vision and understanding between elements (parents) is needed. As the 21 learning century drives the student to be more productive in learning. Learning does not stop at the evaluation and scoring, but it continues into the application in a real life.

Muhammad Abduh Al-Manar



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